A dose of gratitude goes a long way….

     My best friend Maisha had the opportunity of lifetime to go to Africa on a missionary trip (interview and pics coming very soon!).  On her trip her primary focus was to lend a hand at a local orphanage.  In her daily text messages she expresses how blown away she is at the level of gratitude the children there have the smallest things like a hug and/or a blow pop. Maybe we have become so spoiled and desensitized to how truly fortunate and blessed most of us are.  On our worst days we have a lot more than many…  

Thank you

     I know sometimes it’s hard not to concentrate on what’s not going well in our lives.  But the saying is true “What you give your attention to will manifest itself greatly”.  So why spend endless amounts of time and energy on such negative things.  Worrying never changed anything..focused actions are the only thing that will change our circumstances. 

     Exercise: Try keep a gratitude journal-every night for 40 nights. Daily write down two things you are grateful for during the course of that day. Your days will become BRIGHTER!!


Find your inner athlete!

Wishing you had the willpower and motivation of an athlete?    

Here are 5 simple ways to “trick” your body into moving more:

  1. Purchase & Wear an activity monitoring device– Most of us (even the laziest of us) are very visual people.  Having a visual reminder of how much OR little activity we are actually engaging in can be hugely motivational.  I personally wear Weight Watchers ActiveLink (http://www.weightwatchers.com/templates/Marketing/Marketing_Utool_1col.aspx?pageid=1395241)-and it’s something hugely motivational to see all those dancing lights at the end of the day, that symbolizes I met or exceeded my activity points for the day.  Oh those occasion where I’m having a rough day—I will march around the house until I get my activity points up.
  2. Find a buddy who is MORE athletic then you! Consider this person as your work-out mentor.  It goes back to a saying I heard somewhere: “never ask a broke person how to become rich” obviously they haven’t figured that out yet.  We choose people who are like us so that we feel comfortable with the process.  The opposite should apply—find someone who will push you and has seen some success.
  3. Park farther from your destination—Trust me this small change can lead to measureable results.
  4. Set a goal and a reward for accomplishing your goal. For example, if you work out for 30 minutes for 10 days you will reward yourself with an hour massage.  (Important note: make sure the reward does not involve food or alcohol..I know..don’t shoot the messenger J)
  5. If you are a big TV watcher, commit to moving during every commercial break.  Make sure you’re NOT moving towards the kitchen to get snacks..

Good Luck and Get Moving…..

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